Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki

Why We Want You To Be Rich (2006)

New York is the only place where people drive in a Rolls Royce to take advice from people who take the subway.

Teach fishing or sell fish?
Financial planners, stock brokers and insurance agents sell fish. They are selfish.

  • learning —> doing
  • education —> vision —> spot economic opportunities —> create economic opportunities

Financial IQ

  • ability to chart economic waters nationally and internationally
  • to look beyond the present into the future and make economic decisions based on those insights

India Facts

  • invaded no other country in 10,000 years
  • world's largest democracy
  • gained independence peacefully
  • invented navigation 6,000 years ago on the River Sind
  • invented trigonometry
  • invented our numeral system
  • discovered pi
  • Sanskrit is the basis of all European languages

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