When traveling, a checklist helps you make sure you took what you need.

Basics For Overnight Travel

  1. clothing, including underwear, socks
    • casual and/or business
  2. deodorant
  3. toothbrush, toothpaste
  4. special soap or shampoo, if any
  5. hand sanitizer (keep close at hand)
  6. writing paper and pen (keep close at hand)
  7. men: shaver
  8. women:
  9. phone + charger

Identification and Other Cards

  1. passport
  2. driver's license
  3. health insurance: provincial and any group insurance
  4. credit cards
  5. business cards

Flying or Cross-border

  1. passport
  2. currency

Work-related Items

  1. computer, power adapter
  2. extension cord
  3. keys or codes for access to email
  4. USB memory key for backups
  5. projector
  6. Ethernet cable (may be missing or too short in your room)

Road Trip

  1. maps: paper, program GPS
  2. entertainment: audiobooks, music
  3. ice chest
  4. empty luggage space for stuff you're bringing back


  1. gas
  2. check tire pressure
  3. empty out junk
  4. water


  • camera with batteries and "film"
  • If you wear glasses: an extra pair, cleaning cloth

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