Philip Khan-Panni - 2-4-6-8 How Do You Communicate?

In 2-4-6-8 How Do You Communicate - How To Make Your Point In Just A Minute, author Philip Khan-Panni gives insights into getting our messages across in 60 seconds.

Facts are neutral. Their significance comes from how they are interpreted or placed in context. Your audience needs to know

  • what the facts mean
  • what you think about them
  • what you want them to think about them

We need a point of view and then to use only those facts that support it.

You present to bring about change in your audience's thinking, attitude or behaviour. So focus on the outcome, not the process.

Common Weaknesses

  1. Absence of structure
  2. Self-indulgence
    • caused by
      • self-indulgence: insensitive to the needs and reactions of the audience
      • lacking the discipline to stand up, speak up and shut up
  3. Topping stories
    • you did that? well I did this …

In conversation, if you talk for more than three minutes without letting someone else something, you are boring.

2 Basic Principles

Communication depends on two basic principles

  1. ???
  2. focusing on the outcome, not the process

4 Main Situations

You need to make your point succinctly in the following four situations:

  • informal
    • in your private life
    • at work, among close colleagues
  • formal
    • at work, with other departments
    • with clients or prospects

6 Typical Obstacles

There are six common obstacles to clear

8 Things To Make Your Case Successfully

You need to do the following eight things to make your case successfully

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