PC Setup

If you have a new PC or need to reinstall programs on your PC, what's the ideal order? Here's one system

  1. Windows operating system or disk image
  2. antivirus and firewall (e.g., Kapersky Internet Security)
    • now safe to connect to internet
  3. FireFox web browser
  4. Run updates for Windows
  5. uninstall software you don't need
  6. Microsoft Office
    • Run updates for Office
  7. Snagit (for screenshots, should anything go wrong; installs macros for MS Office)
  8. Adobe Acrobat (installs macros for MS Office)
  9. Dragon NaturallySpeaking (installs macros for MS Office)
  10. Desktop search software (e.g., Copernic Desktop Search or Google Desktop Search)
  11. Utilities
    1. CCleaner to get rid of gunk
    2. VLC Player to play multimedia
    3. password keepers (e.g., KeePass Password Safe
  12. Other applications
    1. photoediting (e.g., Corel Paintshop Pro)
    2. screen recording (e.g., Camtasia Studio)

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