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The strongest instinct in the mind of the guerrilla marketer is constant learning. Self-education is the key. Life no longer is a matter of learning everything there is about a topic. Instead, life is a matter of learning one thing after another. The only way to do that is by doing it yourself.

Your Guerrilla Marketing Plan

The plan takes seven sentences and five minutes.

  1. Purpose of your marketing
      • What physical action to you want your customer to do? Visit a website? Clip a coupon? Send an email? Look for your product the next time they're in a store?
  2. Prime benefit or competitive advantage to accomplish your purpose
    • small list
  3. Your target audience(s)
  4. Your marketing weapons
  5. Your market niche: what you stand for
  6. Your identity (not your image)
  7. Your marketing budget: % of projected gross sales

Secrets of Guerrilla Marketing

  1. Commitment
  2. Investment
  3. Consistent
  4. Confident
  5. Patient
  6. Assortment (of weapons)

Impact Takes Repetition

If you do everything right, after three months, you'll still see no signs that your marketing is working. After six months, you'll see the first glimmers that it's working. People will mention that they've started seeing the marketing. After nine months, you'll see that every month is better than the month before.

The graveyards of marketing are littered with wonderful campaigns that were abandoned because they didn't work in a hurry. The great ones don't work in a hurry.

Your marketing message must reach a person nine times to move them from a state of apathy to purchase readiness.

How many times must your marketing message penetrate a person's mind to more them from a state of total apathy (they've never heard of you) to a state of purchase readiness (they want to buy what you're selling)? Nine

For each three messages you send out, people are only paying attention to one. Be patient.

Messages Sent Messages Received Effect on Prospects
3 1 none, nothing, nada
6 2 they realize they've heard of you before
9 3 they think you're successful because you're continuing to market (subconscious)
12 4 they look for your name other places for other signs of you
15 5 they read your ad, visit your website (not ready to buy); this is when many marketers abandon their marketing campaigns or make changes because they haven't seen results
18 6 they think they should take you seriously
21 7 when will I buy? where will I get the money?
24 8 check with spouse/friends/mavens/etc before making purchase
27 9 they buy … you've earned their trust

The Most Effective Marketing Messages for Small Businesses

  • Personal and caring service heads the list … truly personalized marketing is the most powerful of all.

The five main reasons people patronize a business are, in order:

  1. confidence in the business (overwhelming winner)
  2. quality
  3. service
  4. selection
  5. price (14%)

(based on studies in 1990 and 2000 … source unknown)

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