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There is no undesirable work, only people who see work as undesirable.

Bring life to the idea of the work you do. Otherwise your customer interactions will be sloppy, inconsiderate and inconsistent.

Customers are not always right, but our job is to make them feel that way.

Be the best you can be at the tasks you are accountable for … act at first if needed.

Business is a place where all we know how to do is tested, but where what we don't know how to do creates growth and meaning.

Business is a dojo, against yourself. You need some victories

Change tactics, not strategies

We value what we care about (eg money, safety, the Super Bowl)

Be The Best

  • to be paid the best, you must be the best (eg, athletes are paid for performance)
  • have no limits on your income
    • bad to sell your personal services (eg consultant, accountant) since you're not making money when you're not working
    • Success depends on being in the right place at the right time and being the right person
      • You may not be in the right place. You may not be at the right time. But you can be the right person.

Nice and Boring

  • business should be nice and boring: own a business, not a soap opera
    • as drama increases, income and happiness decrease
  • some people are too smart to be rich (smartest = brokest): they see all the problems
  • find people and train them to find people and train them to find people …
  • leverage is the secret ingredient that makes people rich:
    • other people's time, other people's money, other people's technology, other people's education, etc

Selling is Finding Openings

Find a perceived need and fill it. What frustrates the client? What solutions are available?

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